Revolutionize your presentation with the all-new AVerVision CP visualizers

Taipei, Taiwan – November 2009 – AVerMedia announces the launch of the upgraded AVerVision CP series bundled with the all-new AVer+* software. Branded with AVerMedia’s signature gooseneck, the new CP series all come with 3.2-megapixel CMOS camera sensor, HD 720p output resolution, and 24 frames per second display that can produce smooth and vivid live images to meet educators’ needs.

“We are determined to satisfy our customers by delivering superior quality products that fulfill their requirements and meet the budget at the same time. The new CP series will replace the old models with numerous upgraded features including Auto Focus and 5X optical zoom at a competitive price!” said Michael Ting, the Director of Sales Division, AVerMedia.

AVerMedia believes that the most fundamental and crucial function of a visualizer is to deliver crystal clear images. The new CP series, consist of AVerVision CP135, CP155, and CP355, offer the superior-quality 3.2-megapixel camera sensor which puts their image quality a cut above the others, and have raised the bar for the industry standard. With their excellent HD720p output resolution, students will further be entertained by lifelike images the new CP visualizers offer. In addition to the above upgrades, the new CP series would deliver images instantaneously at a rate of 24 frames per second. With it, educators can show all the instructional steps on the screen with no lag, and students would reap the most benefit from synchronous learning. Furthermore, with the Single and Continuous Capture functions, educators can capture and save still images successively in preset time intervals for every operational step throughout the lesson. The captured images can then be used for reviewing later.

With up to 16X total zoom, AVerVision CP135 is designed to exceed the basic requirements of an educator’s expectation. In comparison to CP135, AVerVision CP155 comes with everything in an AVerVision CP135, and is topped off with Auto Focus.

Being the top of the CP line, AVerVision CP355 not only is an upgrade from AVerVision CP300, the winner of the world-renowned iF Product Design Award and Japan Good Design Awards, it also has the powerful 80X total zoom (5X optical zoom) that would allow students to scrutinize enlarged objects without fretting over image distortions. Its wide angle shooting area also makes shooting of A4-sized portrait format documents a breeze.

In addition, the all-new revolutionary AVer+ software bundled with the new CP series visualizers is an object-oriented software and would allow users to clone, capture, group, annotate-over or organize images or content at ease. Some of the great features of the AVer+ software include its capabilities to integrate live images from all AVerVision visualizers for the purpose of making annotations, video recordings, or performing image captures of important details when delivering a presentation. The integrated work can then be saved as digital files on computers or share over a local area network (LAN) in real-time.

Taking a step forward from iF and Japan G-Mark award-winning AVerVision CP300, AVerMedia believes the new CP visualizers are the next smartest investment for schools and work.

Pricing and Availability

The pricing and availability of the AVerVision CP visualizers will vary depending on actual geographical locations. Anyone interested in purchasing the AVerVision visualizers should contact their local authorized AVerVision resellers.

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*AVer+ is now known as A+ Interactive Software 1.5.